What We Do | AVGarcia Power Systems Corp.

What We Do

We set the benchmark for energy engineering expertise, project development, and project management and execution in power and energy projects in the Philippines. We offer a whole range of services to ensure your energy project is successful from conceptualization to operation.

Energy Engineering

AVGPSC offers a range of engineering and consultancy services for power generation, transmission, distribution and supply projects. We can design, construct and operate solar, wind, biomass, biogas,  fuel cell, conventional diesel, coal and natural gas power plants as required and in compliance with international standards and practice. We can also design, construct and operate transmission and distribution facilities with integrated automation and SCADA systems to facilitate use and maintainability.

  • Conceptual and Detailed Engineering
    • Renewable Energy Power Plants
    • Conventional Power Plants
    • Transmission and Distribution Systems
    • Commercial and Industrial Power Systems
  • Systems Design and Integration

Business Development and Structuring

AVGPSC offers full project execution, implementation, and management services through its experienced staff of engineers. We can conduct project management and monitoring services to ensure project is on schedule, and on budget. As owner’s engineers we can observe contractor performance against project schedule and issue performance certifications for compliance to commitments.

  • Owner’s Engineers
  • Project Planning and Development
  • Construction, Erection, Installation
  • Supply and Procurement of Equipment and Services
  • Logistics Management
  • Works Supervision, Validation, and Progress Monitoring
  • Commissioning and Performance Certifications

Operations and Maintenance Services

AVGPSC also offers Operation and Maintenance Services. Integral to the long term success of any energy project is good operations and maintenance procedures during facility operation. We ensure that these strategies and processes are in place. We also conduct plant evaluation and performance testing to measure plant capacity against rated performance.

  • Set-up, planning, and organization
  • Supply of technical and management skills, tools and shop facilities
  • Development and institutionalization of operational strategies and routines
  • Development and institutionalization of asset preservation and maintenance strategies and routines
  • Development of upgrading and optimization systems
  • Plant evaluation, commissioning, and performance testing

Demand Side Energy Management

We conduct Power Systems Audits for companies intending to analyze their electricity consumption. We provide recommendations and implement Energy Management System with the goal of optimizing energy use.

  • Implement Energy Management Systems
  • Power System Audit
  • Energy Cost Management System